Translations of business texts

What is a good translation? Translating is more than just rewriting a text in another language. What is the culture of the country concerned? How do people think about business agreements?

That is why it is important to look not only for a translator, but also for someone with the background knowledge regarding both the content of your texts and the country concerned.

EstEnter works with translators who are native speakers of the languages they translate.

EstEnter has four specialised departments. Our team of specialists
translates your texts using the correct terminology.

Legal translations:
Your legal documents are handled by translators who have law degrees and experience with the legal system in the country where the text will be used.

Legal translations include:
Agreements, tendering documentation, certificates, contracts and certified translations.

Technical translations:
We have your manuals, technical specifications or instructions translated by engineers and reviewed by technical specialists in the corresponding country.

Financial translations:
Economics graduates or financial analysts translate your financial statements and balances.

Commercial translations:
Would you like to have your marketing texts, brochures, websites or presentations translated? Creative minds who have an excellent feel for the culture and consumer behaviour of the target country handle your texts.

  • We assist you with:
  • Copywriting and editorial work.
  • DTP and proof corrections.
  • Translating your website and advertisements.
  • Interpreting services in the Netherlands and abroad.

ATA Logo
EstEnter Translations B.V. is a member of the Dutch Association of Translation Agencies (ATA), the largest trade organisation for professional translation agencies in the Netherlands.